AgeingStatistics reveal that, by 2050, 43% of Europeans will be over 60 years of age. Medical advances have played an important role in helping people to remain active and fit. Today's 50 year olds do not want to work for their entire life and wish to retire earlier compared to the generations of their grandparents who retired at their retiring age of 65. The vigour of youth cannot last forever and the ageing process can creep up fast. It is time to start thinking about your health. Health experts recommend not waiting for your 50s, but to start looking after your health as early as possible.

Boost Your Memory

As you age, your memory power becomes weak. Try to

  • Exercise your brain
  • Do some puzzles or crosswords on a regular basis
  • Write a dairy of things to do
  • Read good quality books and test your memory skills
  • Learn at least one fact daily and try to associate it with some visual image

Do Regular Exercise

Follow a strict exercise regime to enjoy good health. Do some exercise daily to prolong your life. It has been found that exercise reduces the causes and number of age-related deaths by almost a quarter. It is recommended that you start your exercise slowly and increase your intensity with time as you become fitter. You should do at least half an hour of brisk exercise 5 times per week and, if possible, try to exercise daily.

Increase Your Physical Activity

In this sedentary lifestyle, it is important to stay physically active in order to live a long, healthy life.

  • Use the stairs rather than taking a lift or escalator to exercise your heart and stay fit.
  • Go to a gym or indulge in an active hobby that includes cycling, swimming, ballroom dancing, bowling, rambling, horse-riding or playing golf with a friend.
  • Do as much physical activity as you can while watching TV or just sitting idle.
  • Walk or cycle to a nearby market rather than taking your car so you can work in a form of physical activity.
  • Do some cleaning or gardening when you are at home, rather than sitting idle.
  • Eat raw, uncooked, unprocessed food so that you are able to absorb all the essential nutrients necessary to achieve optimum anti-ageing effects.
  • Avoid the unnecessary destruction of enzymes, vitamins and other useful substances through heating food as your body can easily absorb and digest nutrients in its raw state.
  • Increase consumption of organic vegetables and fruits and consume them on the day of purchase. You should eat raw food salad and steamed vegetables every day. Try to avoid pickled or salted foods. Use olive oil or rapeseed oil.
  • Enjoy a high-antioxidant and low-energy diet to slow down the ageing process.

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