Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue SyndromeA debilitating and complex disorder that makes you feel extreme fatigue is known as chronic fatigue syndrome. The fatigue may worsen with activity, physical or mental, and shows no signs of improvement even with rest. According to WHO, chronic fatigue syndrome is a chronic neurological condition. Women from 20-45 age group and children in their early teens are more susceptible to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Symptoms and Causes

Despite vigorous research, the actual cause of the syndrome has not been found. Symptoms may include muscle pain, weakness, impaired memory, headache, sore throat, lack of concentration and focus, extreme fatigue, unrefreshing sleep and insomnia. CFS may increase sensitivity to light and impact short-term memory. Experts believe that a number of factors can contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome, including psychological stress, viral infections, etc. Other pre-disposing factors that may be thought to make you vulnerable to CFS include mental health problems, stress-related disorders, genetic susceptibility and depression.


People following a dietary regimen, eating a balanced diet, can be favourable for health. Since the actual cause of chronic fatigue syndrome remains to be found, vitamin B and D may prove helpful in managing some of the CFS symptoms. B vitamins are crucial for energy production in the body and provide patients with the much-needed energy to fight fatigue.

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