When it comes to feeding newborns, the consensus is that breast feeding is best. And while that remains true, for many women (for whatever reason) it may not possible. This is when formula is required. Each formulation has to be carefully manufactured to ensure it is nutritionally sound for babies. If it does not pass the rigorous testing, it is not sold!

Nutritionally tailored for every age and stage, Cow and Gate Milk Powder has passed rigorous testing since 1903 and has been made to support your little one’s development, as they are busy showing off their personality. From First Infant Milk for newborns to Growing Up Milk that gives toddlers hard-to-get nutrients, Cow & Gate milks are designed to feed their growing bodies, helping them get the goodness they need.

Cow & Gate First Infant Milk from newborn is designed to give your newborn the nutrients they need in the first few precious months. For the first few months of life, your baby will get all their nutrition from milk. Cow & Gate First Infant Milk is a whey-based formula and can be used for combination feeding or if your baby is not being breastfed.

Between 6 and 12 months you'll really see your baby's personality shine through. This is also the time your baby goes through a rapid stage of growth and development, meaning their nutritional needs change too. Cow & Gate Follow-on Milk helps provide more of the key nutrients your baby needs from 6 months. This Follow-on milk is ideal for Cow and Gate Weaning.

Some babies’ digestive systems are more sensitive than others. Designed to be easier to digest, Cow and Gate Comfort contains less lactose, making it suitable for babies with colic or constipation. This formulation is by far the most popular from Cow & Gate.