EczemaA skin condition, eczema is a type of skin inflammation, in which the skin becomes red, itchy, dry and cracked. In severe cases of eczema, lumps or blisters can also form. Dermatitis or eczema mostly affects infants and young children, with about 80% of the eczema cases starting before the age 5. The skin condition affects men and women equally.

Symptoms and Causes

Eczema is believed to be the result of a genetic defect, which hinders the functioning of the skin's barrier function. Dermatitis or eczema is associated with the following symptoms:

  • Cracked skin
  • Skin usually feels dry
  • Itchy skin
  • Skin may become raw if scratched
  • Skin may be broken in some areas
  • Itching usually becomes worse at night
  • Skin becomes red and inflamed
  • Blisters oozing liquid
  • Red to brownish-gray patches on skin
  • Small, raised bumps on skin

Allergies, varicose veins, genetic factors, food allergies, lifestyle stress and yeast sensitivity all could contribute to eczema outbreaks, causing the skin to blister and become red, itchy, inflamed and sore.


  • Keep the affected area clean
  • Avoid scratching, which could otherwise result in serious infection
  • Increase intake of vitamin D, which may help improve symptoms of eczema
  • Supplementation with vitamin C, which acts as antihistamine, may help improve dermatitis

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