Exercise and Fitness

Exercise and FitnessTechnological developments have made us dependent on machines. Today, we have become physically inactive, thanks to the easy accessibility of machines of all kinds. This means we no longer have to make physical efforts to get things done. We prefer taking a lift to walking the stairs. We choose to travel even short distances by car rather than walking to our destination. This type of physical inactivity means we are adding pounds to our waistlines, which makes us vulnerable to obesity-related disorders. To correct this energy imbalance and promote weight loss, it's important to start an exercise regime. Exercise helps in:

  • Increasing the rate at which your body burns up stored energy
  • Promoting fat loss
  • Raising your level of fitness
  • Improving your muscle tone
  • Improving the function of the cardiovascular system

Preventing Disease

A study report published in The Lancet claims that physical inactivity is responsible for causing about 9% of premature deaths throughout the world. The study claims that physical inactivity raises the risk of cancer, heart ailments and diabetes. In the UK, 63% of people are inactive and do not take even the recommended minimum level of exercise. Exercise is certainly a crucial weapon in the fight against obesity and related disorders, heart disease and high cholesterol. A number of recent studies claim that regular aerobic exercise helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels by almost 5-10 percent while raising the levels of good cholesterol by 3-6 percent.

Track Your Progress

Get yourself a pedometer to measure your exercise level and try to increase the number of steps every week. Running is the safest and quickest way to lose weight and stay fit. It helps in not only burning calories, but also boosting mood and preventing a range of diseases.

Don't Forget Diet

True, an exercise regime is indispensable to weight loss and to stay fit. However, it is important to follow a proper dietary regime to ensure optimum health. You can control your weight by managing your diet. A diet comprising of good fats, animal proteins and plant based carbohydrates will help with increasing fat and weight loss and boosting overall health. A bad diet however can counteract the benefits of exercise and physical activity. It is therefore important to eat good quality proteins, including fish and lean meat, along with fresh fruits and vegetables to improve health and fight obesity. These essential vitamins and minerals will provide you with the much-needed energy and strength while helping you maintain weight at an optimal level.

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