GlaucomaA group of conditions that affects eye health, Glaucoma is caused when the optic nerve gets damaged due to build-up of intraocular pressure and eye drainage tubes become blocked. As a result, fluid in the eye does not drain properly. When fluid starts building up, the intraocular pressure rises, which damages the optic nerve as well as nerve fibre. If damage to the optic nerve continues, glaucoma may even lead to permanent blindness. If not treated properly or in time, glaucoma can cause complete permanent loss of vision within a few years.

Symptoms and Causes

Glaucoma is the silent blinding disease. Some of the most common symptoms of acute angle-closure glaucoma include

  • Redness around the eyes
  • Pain
  • Headaches
  • Misty vision
  • Halo-like rings around lights


Increasing intake of antioxidant vitamins and zinc can help slow down the progression of dry macular degeneration. A combination of vitamins C and E and zinc, beta carotene and copper can help in reducing the risk of vision loss in people suffering from moderate macular degeneration. Vitamin E is regarded as one of the best vitamins for eye health. It is known to protect eyes from environmental stresses, which may otherwise cause significant damage to the eyes.

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